Victor Varana

I'm a mexican professional artist of yoga and a yoga teacher trainer resident in Tulum.  I consider to be a lucky man that has been blessed by life. I can live doing what I love and the doors of the world has opened for me through my passion - my art and exploration of yoga.

This experience has connected me with many human beings - hollywood stars, famous musicians and athletes, top models and other people that can be considered by many, important and influential to the world, but what really is the success and the most relevant thing of what I do, is that this experience of life, has connected me to many beings through the sweetness of their hearts. Many people from all different backgrounds and professions, from all around the globe, that share as well, the search of living a life on a higher level of vibration. That is the true blessing and that is really what I'm happy for. - Instagram @victorvarana

Favorite Mexican dish?

Chiles en Nogada - without any doubt. Specially the vegetarian version created in La Cueva del Chango, my favorite restaurant in Playa del Carmen.

Mexico's best kept secret?

La pitaya, el nopal y la tuna, el amaranto, la espirulina, el tepache, la horchata y la jamaica. I still see a lot of visitors surprised by all this delicious fresh and nutritive products.

Favorite quote?

“Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace”  Benito Juarez

Hangover cure?

Peppermint essential oil rub and spicy Chilaquiles...

Favorite instagram account to follow?

@beaux_beaux_ and