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Fany Gerson

Mexican Chef residing in NYC - Instagram @lanewyorkina

Favorite Mexican dish?
Hard to chose just one but every time I go to Mexico, I ask if they could prepare “pollo en salsa verdes con verdolagas” – chicken in tomatillo sauce with purslane and potatoes. Of course, there always has to be Mexican style rice, tortillas and avocado to go with them. Although this dish is most commonly made with pork, they prepared it with chicken in my house since I was a kid

Mexico's best kept secret?
There is a place called “la Higuera in Veracruz “in the middle of a highway that serves the best Veracruzan style seafood! My favorite dish is the octopus with chipotle paste

Favorite quote?
“Dime de que presumes y te dire’ de que careces” translates to “tell me what you show off  about and I will tell you what is lacking”

Hangover cure?
Chilaquiles or enfrijoladas topped with raw tomatillo salsa!

What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NY?
Good fresh cheeses, particularly quesillo and panela with chiles , great handmade tortillas and a lot of the fruit – guanabana, granadilla, zapote, better guavas, etc...


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