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Pamela Ocampo

Editor-in-Chief, L’Officiel México - @pamelaocampo

Favorite Mexican dish?
Uf! So many! It is my favorite food: Pescado sarandeado o a la talla, ¡frijoles!,
¡nopales! Tlayuda oaxaqueña, pozole, arroz blanco, arroz rojo, sopa de tortilla,
tacos de chapulines, quesadillas de flor de calabaza and all sort of Mexican

Mexico's best kept secret?
The list is huge! But I need to say that Nicos [Mexican Restaurant in DF] at Clavería, it is really good.

Favorite quote?
Beautiful things happen when you smile. 

Hangover cure?
Sal de Uvas Picot and cuddling!

Favorite instagram account to follow?
I have 1030 favorite instagram accounts!

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