Jose Casas

Mexico City based restaurateur, writer and economist. Instagram @casasjose

Favorite Mexican dish?
Tacos in all shapes. I love carne asada tacos, shrimp and octopus tacos, “al pastor”
tacos, cheese tacos or quesadillas, Barbacoa Tacos and Cecina tacos with abundant
sour cream and a spicy salsa. I also love insects such as grasshoppers. In general, I
love the way we Mexicans have breakfast. I believe the statement that Mexican is the
best food in the world is questionable, but what is a irrefutable truth is that there
are no better breakfasts than Mexican.

Mexico's best kept secret?
What is going on in Valle de Guadalupe is bigger than most of the people are aware.
At least 4 of the 15 best restaurants in Mexico are in the Valley and Ensenada’s
region. The quality of seafood and all kind of ingredients (including mexico´s best
wine) that can be found there. It’s the Mexican Napa.

Mexican Cantinas are amazing places to eat. I’m sure it reflects in a very pure way

the “mestizage” between Spanish and Mexican food. And of course it’s the best place
to have drinks with friends.

And last but not least, the view from the bar Miralto at the top floor of the
Latinoamericana Tower at Mexico City’s downtown (even if the music sucks).

Favorite quote?
La generosidad es el único egoismo legítimo. Mario Benedetti. ("Generosity is the only legitimate form of selfishness").

Hangover cure?
Tacos del Villamelón, a michelada with Modelo Especial, and the classy “Pipecha”

Your best skill?
I love excel worksheets. I love to set up barhoppings.

What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NY?
Cerveza Colimita (Mexican Craft beer), classical Mexican Cheese and probably some
nostalgic candy.