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Alejandro Champion AKA "Champ" or "Champion"

Director and Co-Founder at Mezcal UNIÓN - Instagram @chaampion and @mezcalunion

My job and passion are to promote Mexico through Mezcal and Art. Mezcal Union is a handcrafted artisanal Mezcal production company from the Sierra of San Baltazar Oaxaca, Mexico.

Our company’s philosophy is to UNITE indigenous families and offer them a fair trade model business and social development goal path.  We truly believe that the only way to really succeed in life is by working in collaboration and by being fair.

We love our country, and we feel a deep responsibility as a new generation to protect it and to generate a positive social impact. We produce mezcal and generate honest jobs. We see every bottle of our product as a messenger of this ideals. We walk the streets, knock doors, and share mezcal. This is what we do.

Regarding ART...

I love to promote emergent art.

I have had the opportunity to co-create 2 platforms that share same values: Salón ACME and PUM : PROYECTOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS. Both are platforms that generate perfect atmospheres and opportunities to export and expose the most relevant effervescent art and design from TODAY in Mexico. and

Favorite Mexican dish?

Chile en nogada.

Mexico's best kept secret?

Taco de gusano con guacamole y tortilla de maíz (Worm taco with guacamole and corn tortilla).

Favorite quote?

La major manera de predecir el futuro es creándolo ("The best way to predict the future is to create it").

Hangover cure?

Cold shower, spicy food and  beer.

Your best skill?

Cotorrear (Chit Chatting)...


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