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Ashley Frangie

Photographer NY - DF - Instagram @ashleyfrangie

Favorite Mexican dish?

Aguachile, a typical spicy shrimp dish that only my nanny who has taken care of me for 25 years knows how to make. 


Mexico's best kept secret?

Sundays.  This may sound weird, but Sundays in Mexico are very special.  Usually surrounded by family and friends who come together to eat until you can't move.  A very relaxing and casual way to spend time together usually outdoors at someone's house.  It isn't easy finding people to spend quality sundays like there, I feel nostalgic just thinking of it. 


Favorite quote?

If you don't like how things are, change it.  You are not a tree." by Jim Rohn.  Something I try to live by everyday.


Your best skill?

Hard one to answer. I’m in between two; the fact that I genuinely love to listen to what people have to say and being able to pick up almost anything with my toes. haha...


What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NY?

There’s an ice cream place in my hometown, Guadalajara, called Le Garraf made up of garrafa ice creams. They have the most delicious flavors like tangerine, chamoy, lime with chia and of course, the amazing mexican candy and spicy dried fruit toppings! Mouthwatering, someone needs to bring it to NY, ASAP. 


Favorite instagram account to follow?

I declare myself addicted. You can’t make me choose just one, but my tops are: 


@stationcdrkelly (Obsessed with him, he’s an astronaut living in space as a part of a research program about the long-term consequences of spending long periods in space.)

@ifyouleavestagram (It’s a platform that supports up and coming artists. It’s so beautifully curated.)

@artedeamar (Beautiful poetry in Spanish.) 


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