Antonieta Fernandez

Instagram @anto_nini  Founder on Felina jewelry in 2012 in collaboration with Mariana Estrada.

Felina was created to express their design ideas and their personalities, free, adventurous and different from anything that you've seen.

She has lived in different parts of the world and it's from where her inspiration comes from.

The collections will always surprise you, everything is hand made and the recognizable aesthetic with sharp lines and high impact pieces is what makes Felina an authentic jewelry brand.

Antonieta Fernandez Mexico

We asked Antonieta our 7 favorite questions and this is what she told us:

Favorite Mexican dish?

Tacos al pastor (Pork tacos with species)

Mexico’s best kept secret?

Tetetlán (a spot in Mexico city with amazing architecture and a lot of history)

Favorite quote?

“La mula no era arisca, los palos la hicieron” (The mule was not surly, the sticks made her)

Hangover cure?

Ceviche y clamato (tomato and clam juice)!

Your best skill?

Andar en bici en las grandes ciudades (Biking around in big cities)

What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NY?

Pulque (Mexican alcoholic beverage from the Maguey)

Favorite Instagram account to follow?

Animal accounts, all of them!


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