Christian Vazquez

Christian Vazquez - Instagram @charritopadrote

Christian Vazquez is a Mexican actor who is known for films like Trade, Oveja Negra, and Leona (2018). He is currently filming Heidi Ewing's (Jesus Camp, One of Us) new feature film in NYC titled No Walls.



Favorite Mexican dish?

Carne en su jugo (meat in its own juice), because it reminds me of my mom’s frijoles de olla (pot beans). I always go to El Pialadero de Guadalajara in Colonia Juarez in CDMX to get it.

Mexico's best kept secret?
El Paisa, in the Colonia Escandón. They sell the best birria and handmade tortillas in town. Best prices too.

Favorite quote?
Menos es más. "Less is more".


Hangover cure?
Un aguachile (spicy ceviche), a michelada with clamato juice, and last but not least - a suero "serum": sparkling water with salt and lemon.

Your best skill?

Boxing. It's the best therapy.

What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NY?
Carajillos! Espresso with Licor 43 (a sweet Spanish liqueur). Or esquites, thankfully you have them at Miscelanea!

Favorite instagram account to follow?
I want to go to every place that @earthfocus posts about.


Pictures by Naian Gonzalez Norvind.