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Eduardo Garcia AKA "Lalo"


Instagram @eduardogarciaguzman - Owner & Chef – Maximo Bistrot Local, Havre 77 & LALO! In Mexico City.

Favorite Mexican dish?

I grew up in a very humble environment, originally I am from Guanajuato. My favorite dish growing up there was stewed beans cooked with avocado leaf “frijoles de la olla”.

Mexico's best kept secret?

Fonda Margarita.

Favorite quote (Spanish or English)?

“Farm to table and organic cooking aren’t trends, they’re a way of life and what the whole world should be doing”.

Hangover cure?

Chorizo quesadillas!!!

Your best skill?

Cooking. I love agriculture too, but cooking is a passion for me, it’s what i’ve done for most of my life...

What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NY?

* Lalo is not allowed to travel to the US, so he didn't really know how to answer this one. Learn more about Lalo's fascinating past in this NY Times article.

Favorite instagram account to follow? 

Any Instagram that has to do with food and travel.

The one I love the most is @victor.churchill


  • James

    Loved having breakfasts at Lalo last time I was in df

  • Estefania T

    Maximo es espectacular!!!

  • Juan Carlos

    El gran gran Lalo! Mejor Chef de Mexico por mucho!

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