Emma Ramos

Emma Ramos - Instagram @iamemmaramos

Emma Ramos is a Mexican actress, comedian, and writer.

She is currently playing a recurring role in the series New Amsterdam on NBC (Nurse Mariana), and is launching her own new series with a (top secret, soon to be announced) network which she wrote herself and will be shot this summer with stellar comedians in it. Simultaneously, she is also working on a Comedy Anthology Series named “Dichos” (“sayings”) coming out in May 2019 (a co-production with Sundance Alumni Mary Angelica Molina).

Growing up in northern Mexico where drug cartel violence was and is so prevalent, comedy became an escape for her and a way to express herself. She has recently started writing her own projects in order to speak from her own experience and find her own voice.

When asked about hobbies she hesitates -

“My Little Pony Coloring books … It’s hard for me to answer that question because my job IS my hobby. I don’t need a hobby to fell like I’m not stressed”.

Emma Ramos

Favorite Mexican Dish? Los Arcos Seafood, we’re gonna go together. Taco Gobernador: shrimp, cheese, salsa. I don’t eat meat.

Mexico’s best kept secret? Me.

Emma Ramos

Favorite quote? Así sea lo ultimo que haga, by Gargamel (Smurfs). “Even if it’s the last thing I do”. You can apply it to any situation!

Best hangover cure? Sleep, water with apple cider vinegar (even when not hungover), so boring but drink a lot of water, and don’t move.   

Emma Ramos

Your best skill? Not remembering things. And seeing the positive in everything, even someone is pointing a gun at you.

What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NYC? My friend Marcela Rico. She lives in CDMX and I miss her. Being with her is like being on vacation.

Emma Ramos

Favorite instagram account to follow? @childishgambino. Because he has very few posts and he doesn’t follow anyone, I think it’s really cool.


Pictures by Naian Gonzalez Norvind