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Laura González Fierro

Instagram @laurapetalas - Mexican Architect in NY and Sao Paulo at +ADD

Favorite Mexican dish?

Un buen cocktail de camarón con aguacate y mucho limón! 

Mexico's best kept secret?

Not precisely a secret, but Mexican markets are just amazing - you can shop, have a great meal, and hang out - all in one place. 

Salón San Luis or Los Ángeles are also amazing places to go for a good dance!

Favorite quote?

"Como te quedo el ojo chato?" Direct translation would be "How did your eyes end up" but colloquially means something like: "How do you like them apples?"

Hangover cure?

Un Vuelve a la Vida y una chela bien fria...!

Your best skill?

Client Management 

What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NY?

Authentic good tacos al pastor, ósea un Farolito sería grandioso!

Favorite instagram account to follow?

At the moment @mimithor - I love food and she just knows how to get you excited.