Luis Felipe Rojas Molina

Luis Felipe Rojas Molina San Jacinto

My name is Luis Felipe Rojas @sanjacinto on Instagram. Interior designer and stylist, teacher at Centro (Mexico City), dedicated in heart and soul to discover and show the wonders of Mexican folk art expressions. I was born and raised in the happy hippie south of Mexico City, surrounded by family stories, the black soil and rocks of a volcano once called Xitle and the colors, crafts and beauties of Frida Kahlo’s house in Coyoacan. I believe that all of that contributed to the deep love I feel for my country and culture, I appreciate its humor, and master of earthy goods turned into beautiful textures, flavors and objects. 

Favorite Mexican dish?

I have an obsession with green Enchiladas, the salty, spicy, sour flavor of the salsa mixed with soft fresh cheese and fresh cream. Always with a small portion of frijoles refritos. It’s my happy place and comfort food.

Mexico's best kept secret?

I believe in the power of Tejate, a sweet fresh beverage from Oaxaca made of cacao and corn.

Favorite quote?

Pa qué tanto brinco estando el suelo tan parejo ("why jump so much when the floor is nice and flat?"). It's an invitation to avoid unnecessary complications. 

Hangover cure?

I always get the best results from a dish of chilaquiles, extra spicy.

Your best skill?

I’ve been blessed and cursed with a really good memory

What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NY? 

I wish I could find a nice roll of Ate de Guayaba

Favorite instagram account to follow?

@recrearmx a beautiful Project of Co-design