Mariana Herrera

Mariana Herrera

Instagram @marianaherrera - Mexican in NY, London and Mexico - Art projects Management at Frahm & Frahm

Favorite Mexican dish?

Mole Negro from Oaxaca, tortas ahogadas from Guadalajara, Tacos de camaron and Guacamole of course!!!

Mexico's best kept secret?

Its a secret! Let's keep it that way...

Favorite quote?

Mas rapido cae un hablador que un cojo. "A chatty falls faster than a lame does."

Hangover cure?

Chilaquiles y Micheladas!!!

Your best skill?

Organization, empathy and adaptability.

What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NY?

My mom and her cooking recipes...

Favorite instagram account to follow?

Anything visually inspiring or educative, fashion, travel and art including my future husband’s @frahmology