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Michael Tommasiello

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Instagram @nydoorman - Digital Director in NY

Favorite Mexican dish?
My mom is from Guadalajara so I spent a lot of time down there and TWO (sorry I couldnt pick just one) of my favorite dishes are Tortas Ahogadas and Menudo on Sunday mornings.

Mexico's best kept secret?
The food outside of Churches all over Mexico. People knock on street food but some of the best food I've had was served to me in a paper plate or plastic cup. The esquites are unreal and on a whole other level when they're made by the local women who make them in those giant pots and sell them outside. Also tripe tacos that are sold on the streets are UNREAL.

Favorite quote?
Calladito te ves mas bonito. "You look cuter when you mouth is shut"...!

Hangover cure?
Sopa de Tortilla or if I'm feeling feisty a spicy margarita + tacos.

Your best skill?
Finding beauty in what people say is ugly or boring. Finding raw talent and cultivating it into something bigger.

What do you wish you could find from Mexico in NY?
It's less of a thing and more of a mentality. I wish Americans would see the real Mexican culture and food scene that exists there instead of what they're made to believe is Mexican food and culture. Nothing is more infuriating when someone has a hard tortilla shell that comes out of a box, fills it with ground up burger meat, and calls it a taco. THAT IS NOT A TACO! THIS IS NOT MEXICAN FOOD!

Favorite instagram account to follow?
@MiscelaneaNY (duh)


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